Meet the maker Charlotte Meek

The Stitch Society is an emerging British brand, designing and manufacturing premium, luxury work aprons to artisans around the globe. Launched just over two years ago, we began by creating a unique apron design featuring a large pleated pocket.

The Society’s ethos is all of its garments are made in the UK from the highest quality, most luxurious and hardwearing UK sourced fabrics. From their studio based at the World Heritage Site of Salts Mill in Yorkshire - once the world’s largest industrial mill and the beating heart of the British textile industry - The Stitch Society has successfully woven a rich heritage with modern E commerce to produce a revered collection of designer-aprons and accessories that are anything but ‘run of the mill’.

Each apron is given a traditional name, a nod to the provenance of the Society’s vast collection of quality British fabric; its bestsellers include ‘Susie’ and ‘Erin’.
Appealing to a growing number of discerning consumers, crafters and artisans the aprons retail from £49 - £80 reflecting their hand-made quality and durability.

The Stitch Society has recently turned its most popular apron designs into the Linda Pinafore Apron pattern for fellow designers and dress makers who share in the simple enjoyment of sewing and dress making retailing at £15.

The Stitch Society believes successful businesses reap what they sew and is committed to addressing the skill shortage currently facing the burgeoning British textile industry. The Stitch Society partnered with Leeds College to launch The Textile Academy, in a bid to close the disparity between industry and education. It has helped develop a teaching program reflecting the real skill-set needed in today’s market place.

The Society’s founder and Creative Director, Charlotte Meek, has also attended the annual Meet The Manufacturer, a Make It British event –as a guest speaker and as a discussion panel member at their recent Make It British Forum in Manchester. Make It British is a unique platform designed to showcase the country’s most inspirational and distinctly British brands.
Charlotte has a background in marketing, textiles and design and has successfully turned her passion for piles of remnants into the fabric of her working life. The Stitch Society launched whilst she was recovering from Cancer 4 years ago, and chose to follow a path she knew would make her happiest - designing and creating.