Meet the maker Tammy & Mark Betson

This is mine and my husbands shop full of all the things we love to make.
Mark is the artist, he has been an artist for most of his life after completing an A level in art. He has also been a hedge layer and woodsman, hence his love of trees, but although trees are beautiful, he wanted to paint them in a way no other has before.
I make the jewellery and mosaics, I have been making jewellery for 6 years now, previously I was a wedding florist who specialised in wire work (corsages etc) so naturally when I started making jewellery, I turned to working in wire. I match my handmade spirals and shapes with all the gemstones I like.
In the winter of 2015 I fancied adding another string to my bow and started making mosaics something I have wanted to do for years, so as this is fairly new to me I expect my style will adapt quite a bit until I find the style I like best.

I have been on folksy for 5 years now, however as I originally opened my shop under my old business name, I have recently re-written it and started again so that my URL address had the correct name, so you may of come across me before when I was called Tamariska Jewellery.