Meet the maker

Nearly three years ago now, my youngest daughter brought home a sock puppet from school, we carefully stuffed it and sewed it up so that she could keep it forever. He was so cute….and in that instant SockPals were born!
(I wonder what happened to him?)
Since then I have been selling SockPals at local craft fairs with a fantastic response from the public. I especially love to make custom orders using other people’s pairs of lucky/baby/school or just recycled socks making them into SockPals that they can treasure forever.
SockPals are stitched by me in a smoke free environment.
All SockPal designs and creations are original and have come from my own and my daughters imaginations. I don’t believe in copying from other designers and crafters so please be respectful and do not copy our creations.
If you have any questions or suggestions about my Pals or my Folksy shop please contact me at or visit my facebook page I also have a blog

****Many thanks for visiting my shop****