Meet the maker Snow and Crow

As lifelong artists we love the journeys printmaking takes us on. The many wonderful steps that lead to a world of surprising destinations. Our dream is to invite as many folks as possible to journey with us.
Working full-time, having two brilliant children, having a studio poorly disguised as a kitchen, does nothing but drive us onward and upward in our quest to promote printmaking.
We work primarily in linoprint and drypoint etching and more recently discovering the freedom of mono print. Our influence comes very much from our immediate surroundings, with strongly defined interests in nature and a questioning thirst for discovering new places and ever changing points of view.
Gem is our A2 bed Rollaco press who sits quietly in the kitchen; her sister press is a A4 Pequno who joins us on our travels. Having a fully working portable etching press is the trick up our sleeve as we can journey to schools, collages, community halls, art fairs and produce and have people producing framable works of art in just a few short hours.
If you have a group, school or simply want to know more about printmaking just drop us an email. As artists we have a passion for creating and always happy to share skills with inquisitive like minded folk.