Meet the maker Andrea Thomas

Hi! **Waves**

My name is Andrea Thomas and I live in Warwickshire with my husband and our two dogs Jack and Fudge. I also have a stepson who is 7 called Harry and he is with us quite a bit also.

Well...where do I start..I have always loved crafting and I used to have my own online Folksy shop called My Beady Eye many moons ago which was quite popular and I sold pretty handmade jewellery..and then I did what many of us to and let the serious day job take over!

I've been working hard at trying to find a better work / life balance and have started crafting again which makes me very happy! As well as jewellery I have also been making cards and have been loving it and so I have now opened my new Folksy shop 'Sentiment Lane' which will combine my love for both of these crafts!

I craft all of my pieces at my kitchen table where my dogs curl up underneath and act as the best bead stoppers!! if I drop a bead it lands in their fur and cant roll anywhere! and i can easily retrieve it again :-)

I hope you will enjoy browsing my creations..

Andrea xx