Meet the maker Kerry MacKay

I have taken a leap of faith into self-employment as a crafter!

I have loved crafting as long as I can remember and as a trained ecologist I take much of my inspiration from nature. I enjoy incorporating natural materials into my designs and living on the west coast of Scotland provides endless natural beauty to keep me inspired.

Selkies are mythical Scottish creatures that look like seals in the sea but on land shed their skin to beautiful women (usually male selkies are possible). It is said that if a man steals the Selkies seal skin she will remain faithful to him but long to return to the sea. If her skin is returned she will disappear to the sea and never be seen again.

I chose Selkies for my business name and logo as I think they are a fantastic mythical creature and I am a keen scuba diver so I enjoy the Selkie lifestyle.