Meet the maker Sarah Shephard

Sarah James Ltd is a new business, set up March 2017 and is a husband and wife team; Sarah and James Shephard. Previously James was a mechanical engineer but became out of work at the end of 2016. I was an HR Consultant and had previously run her successful HR Consultancy for 14 years. Following it's sale in June 2016, I was made redundant March 2017.

For many years I have suffered on and off with depression. The only thing that has been absolutely constant in aiding my recover from each bout of depression is art. The ability to be creative, to paint, to build artwork has always been my rescue.

I had been painting furniture for years, for my own personal use. Generally out of necessity to save money I would scour the charity shops and re-purpose items of furniture for my own use and with my own designs. It was therefore a natural progression to actually take this up professionally .

James built us a workshop and we got started. In fact, James has just completed building the 2nd shed/workspace. I feel so lucky being able to work at home with James, and feed my need to be creative and imaginative.

The bonus of course is that since March this year I've not had one bout of depression and have been medication free!