Meet the maker Joanna Grygowska

”Natura incipit, ars dirigit, usus perficit”
”Nature gives us the beginning, art creates and practice polishes it”

Sir Richard Branson said: Screw it, lets do it!
 So, I live life today to the full and use every moment to create a lifetime of
meaningful memories. Without venture I wouldn't have exciting
gratification. Sometimes, of course I didn't foresee a storm in a
beautiful day.
„If the future seems overwhelming, remember that it comes one moment at a
 My mum gave me two things, roots and wings. I wanted Lady Luck in my
life, so I opened a door for her to enter.
What happened?
From a small village, in the middle of Poland I took my life in my hands
and came to live 2000km away, in North Wales.
An amazing place, where two imperishable powers meet, immense seas and
rigid mountains.
I strive to be my best, though I do dare to be different. And now here,
I really can come back to my memorable creations.

 After university and finishing my degree, my experiences in fashion
design and face to face communication were exciting, but I let my
dreams be my North Star as I discovered a greater passion for jewellery making.
My designs are for like minded women, courageous, outstanding,
passionate and with a strength for being unique.
My life became complete when I found the love of my life in an online
virtual world and now I have found that there are goals that can only be
achieved together. Marriage has improved my happiness, relieved my
loneliness, doubled my joy, and divided any sorrows I might have had and
now our pledge of love confirmed when our baby was born.
Our son is giving me incredible power to treat life as a miracle.

If you believe enough, you can walk through all closed doors.
 I believe. Do you?

The Mosaic of Life is created by all of us, but colour is given only by some....