Meet the maker Christine Harmer

In jewellery terms enamelling was my first love, begun in my teens. I went to art college and explored more 'modern' materials and processes, which comprised most of my work for a number of years. However, at the time although they liked the designs, it was difficult to convince people of the merits of plastics despite hours making my jewellery look anything but plasticy! I returned to enamelling, with its infinite possibilities and glorious colours, hoping to push the boundaries and overcome the technical challenges that the medium presents. My influences are many and I often make pieces simply by drawing in the final layer of enamel powder and then firing the item (particularly large brooches) in quick succession. People often say they see celtic inspiration in these, however I draw on so many sources and cultural influences that I couldn't begin (and wouldn't really want) to analyse how ideas come to me. I am currently also using photography in my work and exploring mixed media pieces.