Meet the maker Michael Wickham

I started doing this as an advertising agent for a number of small companies some years ago. I also offered my services setting up Presentations and Desk top Publishing in fact I can use all Microsoft apps. My main Clients who are based in Central Europe invited me to learn more about jewelry making. I did some free work for a company based in Australia. In Europe I am invited for a couple of weeks each summer to their workshops to learn how to make a piece of jewelry from scratch under supervision. I am also learning how to identify and value precious stones and how to see the Flaws in them. I am also being taught what makes a stone Valuable. The products that I am advertising and selling here are the property of Me . The jewelry is pieces that I have made during the course of my instruction. I have a shed and I am trying to make it into a workshop but it is not secure and I can not purchase all the products that I would need because some of them are beyond my financial capabilities. But hopefully I will be able to have a workshop with at least the basics soon. And what I do not have but need, my associates will let me use in their workshop. So here goes Adventure! I hope that I can offer some good quality stones and pieces of jewelry that I make and have a good response from my customers.