Meet the maker Melissa Holland

I love to sew, make and mend.

My influence is my mother who before I was born was a machinists at a famous lingerie factory. From a very early age my mum would dress me in homemade cloths and she would design and make my dance class' stage costumes.

I have fond memories of my mum teaching me to sew on her 1960's Singer sewing machine, a massive heavy metal beast of a thing. I remember making little bags with the scrap fabric and adorning them with sequins and tassels.

If I was to ask my mum if she considered herself creative, she laugh and so no, but my mum is amazing. She can sew, build, design, bake, teach, mend. The older I get the more I want be be just like her.

So now I have my own sewing machine. I still like to make items out of beautiful fabrics and I love to try different crafts from tailoring to metal work and my biggest influence, supporter and fan is still my mum.