Meet the maker Mark Betson

I've always had a great love of art, wildlife and the natural world in which we all live. I think my work reflects this but that's probably not for me to say. I paint things that make me happy and I know many others get the happiness and energy form my work.

I live in Devon at the moment on the border with Somerset, having moved about the country in pursuit of my perfect job and lifestyle. After nearly 20 years of searching I have a feeling that I'm not going to find it by looking so hard! So here I'll stay, possibly.

I studied art at school and college and was offered placed at 2 Art Colleges close to my home town of Alton, Hampshire. I turned them both down, as I was too eager to leave home. One of my true regrets. Upon rediscovering my passion for art after years of drinking and the initial period of being a parent, I found that people quite liked my work, so have continued and now sell bits and pieces without really trying.

Now I'm out of work, my contract ran out, and I thought I'd have a proper go at marketing my work and seeing where I can go with it.

I have no real style and like to adapt with every painting I do, incorporating new ideas and concepts. Some work and some don't. You will notice that some of my work is really detailed, whereas other pieces are free and easy. A bit like my life really, I don't want to be tied to convention and my work reflects this.

I love using colour but never really have a scheme in mind before I start a piece. It's all a bit organic. Who knows what's going to happen tomorrow, let alone with the next mark on canvas!

Enjoy my work.