Meet the maker Mandy Colwell

Several years ago we were at a Dolls House Fair in Hove. A lady was selling kits to make these dear little teddy bears. I fell in love with one and my husband bought it for me.

That kit was to sit at home untouched. Summertime 2013 I thought I would endeavour to make the bear. I started off, as a practice making it in fabric, rather than the mohair supplied. It was so tiny and fiddly, I admitted defeat!

But! I then had the urge to make a bear! I found a pattern, still a very small bear, but not as tiny as the one in my kit!

I found it very fiddly, but although rather pleased with the result, vowed that this would be the first and last one! I shared a photo on Facebook and received really good feedback. This inspired me to try again. It got easier....

I have a love of vintage, and decided I wanted to combine vintage with my handmade items. Now those little bears I made fitted perfectly into vintage teacups and so... was born!