Meet the maker

This probably sounds familiar ... you have a bag, it's OK, in fact it's done good service for years but really, you'd like a pocket here, and maybe longer straps, and a fastening there, and wouldn't it be nice to bung it in the washing machine occasionally etc. etc.

Handmade in Hammersmith started when I decided to stop grumbling and make my own bag. I had a sort of model which was an unusual mustard yellow plastic but exactly the right size. Many prototypes later, it took shape, and this is still the basis for the bags today.

I wanted to work with tweeds and linens but felt a bit faint at the prices. So I got hold of some tweed jackets and kilts, unpicked and washed them. People were interested in the origins, so now a numbered photograph card is included in each bag / pouch to show what it used to be.

Nowadays I source fabrics from all sorts of places - charity shops in the UK and France, jumble sales, donations from kindly friends (whose husbands' shirt collections get regular weeding), and make whatever that fabric suggests ....