Meet the maker

I like to play with clay, its how I unwind and relax after a busy week. Sunday seems to be my 'day of clay'. Sunday is my favourite day.
I like the feel of wet clay and I love that what i start off with may end up looking quite different, its all in my head you see. I don't sketch, lots of people say i should, I don't though, I don't like sketching, I like playing with clay! Sometimes my hands disobey my head, thats how my sheep came about.
I usually use white earthenware clay and always, always add texture. This is important to me as its like adding the personality to each piece. Part of the fun is searching and shopping for texture makers. Mine come from all over the place from the cupboard under the sink to the medinas of Marrakech.
Most importantly I want whatever I make to make me smile. If it makes others smile too thats even better.