Meet the maker Kristie Drew

Krickle is the nickname that my sister gave me when i was little... its stuck :)

I am a full time working mum who manages to fit a bit of craft and jewellery making into my day. I love making vintage style pieces, lockets and necklaces. I work with altered art. I also occasionally dabble in resin, but im still learning ;)

I only make things that i like, which makes it so much harder to part with them! I'm not joking.... i have more jewellery than the queen! Each of my items is OOAK (one of a kind) and i truly love each piece <3. I can also bespoke and make items on request - with enough notice :) i used new and reclaimed findings. I love reworking old pieces into something new xx

I only make jewellery as a hobby for fun, i only aim to cover the cost of materials and time not to make profit, any money i make gets reinvested in more materials xxxxxx