Meet the maker Kim Michelle Collis

Hi, my name is Kim, I was never very good at art at school but have always had a creative streak in me. I've dabbled with cake decorating and been making my own cards for years now, but it wasn't until I had a go at jewellery making that something really clicked. I had been using glass and acrylic beads with which I was making some lovely pieces, but then a few months ago I discovered genuine gemstones and was instantly hooked. My hobby turned into my obsession. Each one of these unique stones has been created by mother nature over hundreds, thousands and sometimes millions of years, I find these gems truly magical and awe inspiring, hopefully you will too through this jewellery. I make all the pieces at home (mainly in the evenings once the kids have gone to bed). I don't often have a design in mind, but will play with colours and patterns until something naturally evolves. I really enjoy working with these little treasures from nature, and hope they will bring you pleasure too, whether you're treating yourself or someone else.