Meet the maker Kerry Day

I'm a mixed media artist based in Bristol. I enjoy the process of celebrating form through mixed media; building up a body of bright and bold work using the reduction lino cut method, screen printing and painting.
My figurative works celebrate the human form, the line and shape of a limb, the curve of the back, and in particular the interplay of light and shade. Drawing and painting are still an important part of my practice, but printmaking holds a fascination for me.
I can lose myself in the intensity and precision of the lino cut process and the recognition that the piece is not finished until I cut that final line. I find screen printing offers a more lively, painterly feel, and, though time consuming, the methodical layering of colour and tone is immensely enjoyable.
Recently I find myself moving on from people to plants. Inspiration has come from the many cacti and plants I share my home and studio with – the strong profiles of my spiky friends and the marvellously named Elephant Ear plant.Like many artists before me, I am fascinated by the shapes and contours of leaves, and the joy of discovering new patterns within the vibrant green foliage.