Meet the maker Jo Roper

Hello there, I'm Jo.
I'm an artist born and living in the bustling city of Liverpool with my husband, beautiful daughter and our much loved mini lop bunny along with our adorable cavapoo puppy.

I grew up with a love of drawing and a thirst for creativity and as an adult there's no change.
I find drawing and painting to be therapeutic and an exciting way to escape from the every day reality that we live.

When I paint the little creatures that you see in my shop I imagine their lives and what they're thinking. A lot of my work is based on my own feelings of love for my family and you will often see this in my pieces.
Some will show tales of my own life, my life told in pictures. My 'woohooo it's Friday' print was painted on a Friday which is my favourite day of the week and in the painting you will see a little bunny doing a little happy dance surrounded by a confetti of stars and hearts. This is how I feel most Friday's, I'm guessing some of you do too.
A favourite print of mine and probably the most meaningful is the 'mamma and baby elephant' piece as it depicts one of my favourite memories. One hot summers day after school my daughter and I played in the garden and as it was so hot out came the water hose, much to mine and my daughters delight we made the most beautiful rainbows by spraying mists of water amongst the sun rays. As the picture depicts I did indeed protect myself with a brolly at some point when it was my daughters turn with the hose... That afternoon was special to me and the painting will always be a fond reminder of it.

As far as the process of my work goes I often sketch straight onto the work surface and once I'm happy with the sketch I begin to paint, often adding more layers of detail to the finished piece. I then scan the image ready for printing, most of which I do myself with my 'special' art printer. It creates beautiful gallery quality prints that will stay vibrant and fresh for a life time and more. My much larger pieces are professionally photographed and printed by my local printers.

I paint because I love it. I feel very much blessed that there are people out there who enjoy my work and to know that it sits in pretty frames on many walls all over the world is a dream come true... not corny just fact.

Thank you for looking at my work x