Meet the maker Helen Burgess

Helen Burgess Jewellery

From an early age I had a strong creative side and a fascination with drawing, making and designing. This all led me to study Art and design from there I studied Three Dimensional Multi-Disciplinary Design which gave me a wide insight into various design principles.

I am passionate about designing and creating handmade jewellery. With an emphasis on making pieces that will stand the test of time, as I feel strongly that "throw away fashion" is no longer sustainable.

My Jewellery designs are heavily influenced by nature, minimalism and the use of personalisation through meaningful words hand-stamped onto jewellery pieces.

I have a deep love of nature and often spend time observing the flora and fauna of my garden and enjoy feeding the birds. This fondness for the natural world is often present in my work.

With the pieces with a minimal aesthetic, comes from my love of art and modern design, I also feel that the most simplest of forms can have the most versatility and longevity, which coincides with my respect for sustainability.

Personalising jewellery can mean so much to us. Some of the photograph examples of jewellery that can be customised are my own personal jewellery. With these I had used lyrics from songs, a song title and an album title, to give me strength to get through the harder times life throws at you. Customers can personalise these pieces, with words or dates that mean so much to them.

I hope you enjoy my jewellery as much as I enjoy making the pieces.