Meet the maker Joanne

Obsession and Bubbles

What started as an obsession with doing my own and weekend nails for friends has quickly escalated into a building business, i have a full time job meaning Nail's was initially intended as a hobbie around my full time work, i didn't anticipate for the speed it has progressed.

I absolutely love doing nails, for me its very therapeutic, i get lost, its the place i go for my 'time', to wind down and get lost in my own little bubble, After being praised and encouraged by my other half i decided to pop a few listings on ebay, i was so surprised when i sold a few, how little did i actually know, after some time of listing on ebay i realized all my listings had been set up in a very random category (id relentlessly gone to sell similar .. Fail Jo), so i started again and listed them correctly.

WOW! i was over the moon with the sales before, but i had no idea how successful this could actually become, now im now Selling Multiple Sets daily, with a ever increasing demand for bespoke sets, All bespoke designs can be made to Incorporate everything and anything that your visualizing.

With the Success i've had through Ebay,Etsy, FB, Instagram, emails WOM i have decided to open here at folksy and see how i go :).