Meet the maker Farah Shah

My Name is Farah Shah, but my illustrator name is Fawa.

In 2012, I graduated with a First Class Honours Degree in Graphics Design, illustration and digital media. I look back at my degree as that is where it all started and how I became interested in children illustrations.

During my final year, I developed a style that was more suited to children illustration. From then on, I have continued in that area. For the final show, we was given an opportunity to be represented by a bird that we thought suited us well. And I chose Magpie.

Since then I have kept the magpie theme. Like a magpie, I have to say I love things that are silver. Especially silver jewellery, but putting that aside I can say I like to collect things that stand out, or that are unusual.

My illustrations are based on my inspiration I have around me. One for most is my cat, Bubbles. As we all know cats have their own personality, and he certainly does! By watching him as he tries to interact with birds, it started my imagination off. And having just moved into a old farm house, I have plenty nature and most of all birds around me all the time.

Using the nature as inspiration, I create bright and unique illustrations that appeal to both children and adults, bringing a sense of joy and playfulness to your wall.