Meet the maker Fausta Babenskaite

Hello and welcome to my shop, I am Fausta, I was born and raised in small country in Europe. But in 2005 I came to United Kingdom, where I met my boyfriend and settle there with him in quiet town. We are happily living couple with beautiful son.

After my family my passion in life is fashion and handmade goods. I am both a designer and a craftswoman. I learn my craft from my mother who spend much time teaching me some tricks and crafts. Whilst I am fortunate to be taught the skills at a young age I find there is always something new to learn.

My mother was my inspiration and from a young age I knew I would like to make some beautiful items for all.
Moving to United Kingdom has brought new inspiration and learn new skills. I am fortunate to have moved from one beautiful country to another and meet many amazing and talented people here. I start from small projects which was create for my own use, like baby blankets, doilies and many more, after that my friends start buying it from me, so after couple success I decide to try sell it for all.

From these small beginnings I was able to realize my dream and hopeful run a successful business.

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Hand Made By Fausta!