Meet the maker Deborah Vass

I live and work in Diss, a small market town, in the Waveney Valley, bordering Norfolk and Suffolk.
My art is centred upon my garden and the surrounding countryside, where I draw on both the particular, and on the expansive, open landscapes of the Fenland and Breckland. Here I walk, sketch and record the shifting landscape and the birds and plants that live there.
From within my garden, I chart the changing seasons. When the weather allows, I work from life, tucked under an old golfing umbrella in the garden, with my cat, Alan, for company and surrounded by the sounds of the wildlife. Otherwise, I work in my studio with collected flowers and seed heads, or develop sketches made of birds and the landscape. These become either paintings or are worked into prints.
I like to focus on the intricacies and structure of plants, examining their form and details. Whether it’s the unexpected colour combinations in my unruly vegetable plot, where self-seeded flowers thrive among the beans and leeks, or the insects and weeds that flourish in neglected corners, I aim to celebrate the overlooked.
I have previously exhibited in galleries in North Norfolk, Norwich and the Mall Galleries in London and have been featured in various publications, including “Homes and Gardens” and “Artists and Illustrators”.