Meet the maker Debbie Todd

I have always drawn and's something that I shall always do.
I trained as a Natural History Illustrator at Arts University Bournemouth.

I am inspired by nature, social history and my surroundings.
Images are created by hand in my sketchbook, and then worked upon and finally, when I feel the design is ready I make a finished piece of art work.

I have recently fallen in love with Hand Pulled Printmaking.
I am at present experimenting with collagraph, dry point etching and lino cut printmaking.

Collagraph plates are made using textured fabric and paper, glued to the plate, like a collage, the differing textures hold the ink in varying degrees and therefore print different tones.
Dry point etching is a method by which I etch the image onto an acrylic plate using a very sharp tool which looks like a pen, and the etched incisions hold the ink to create an image.
Lino cut is where the image is carved into the plate using special hand tools.

When ready for printing, I ink the plate, wiping to remove any excess ink and I put the plate through a hand pulled etching press with moistened etching paper laid over the top.

This is where the term 'Hand Pulled Print' comes from, as each individual print is inked and pulled by hand through the printing press making each print an original fine art print. No computer or digital printer can reproduce the hand pulled effect!
As the plate is handled and printed it deteriorates, so there are a limited amount of prints that can be pulled.
Each print is numbered as to it's place in the number of prints pulled, and each print will be signed by myself, and showing the number of the print and how many were in the edition. Each print is therefore an original piece of art, and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Watch this space as I continue to learn more about the processes involved.
Thank you for taking the time to look.