Meet the maker mj

I do this around the 'day-job'; when what started out as weekend hobby-ing became out of hand!!

Living in the foothills of the Scottish Highlands inspiration can hit in abundance ... as does the occasional arctic chill ... & that is when the kiln (glass fusing) & my (then) vintage sewing machine got together to create my Winter Warmers and Wraps, all designed to keep you snuggle warm; just like having a Highland Hug.

My Winter Warmers were designed to combat the cold when out on walking my dog ... she was a beautiful Dogue De Bordeaux and I don't think even felt the cold ... whereas I turned to ice within minuets, no matter how many scarfs I wore there always seemed to be a 'gap' that that sneaky breeze got into ... sewing machine started and 'Daisy Loves These' was born!