Meet the maker Nerina Boulding

I first started to crochet in my late teens, through a friend of my mothers. I started with very fine cottons making traditional dollies. I really only started to work with wool and explore crochet more when I was expecting my first baby. Since that time, I have continued to enjoy crochet as a hobby looking for ever more adventurous patterns and things to make. Continuing in this vane, I have begun to design my own items and this has given me the idea of selling these to see if I can make a successful business building upon what was, and continues to be, a very enjoyable hobby.

I usually find the wool first and then decide what to make with it. Whenever I go anywhere new I usually look for a wool shop or craft fair it sometimes drives my family mad!

I find the most difficult bit about the process is getting great photos and making sure the colours match. The best bit is planning and trying to come up with some new stitch pattern that I have never used before.