Meet the maker Jane Vernon

If you’ve been to Stroud and seen a large, talkative woman dressed in purple, it’s likely to have been me. I’ve always had plenty to say and that’s at the core of my work as an artist. Wrapped up in each piece of work I make, is something I’m passionate about.

Colour is very important to me and inspires all my work. I like strong contrasts and subtle changes, natural colours, bright colours, and a bit of bling. You'll see these influences right across all the things I make - wallhangings, pictures, jewellery, ceramics and greetings cards.

I like abstract, fluid designs and natural themes - animals, plants, landscape. If you're inspired by something you see in my shop but it isn't exactly right then I am happy to make to order. You can find out more about me and my work on my Cloth and Clay website and blog.