Meet the maker Clare Caulfield

I am an artist and printmaker working from my studio in the lovely world heritage site of Saltaire, Yorkshire.

My work is inspired by my travels to some of the world's most beautiful cities including Paris, Venice, New York, Rome, Istanbul, Sydney and Prague. Working in a lively drawing style I aim to capture the excitement, life and vibrancy of each location I visit. I produce sketchbooks filled with drawings and I also take lots of photographs too. On returning to my studio back home I then produce paintings, original screenprints & drypoints, limited edition prints and handmade cards interpreting the cities I visit in my own unique and illustrative style of working.

Drawing has always been a really important part of my work. I’m fascinated by architecture be it the Midtown skyscrapers of Manhattan, The Grand Canal in Venice or simply capturing Parisian life outside a brightly canopied pavement café. I love working in a variety of media - watercolour, acrylic, collage, pencil, dip pen & ink and I wouldn’t be without my brown sketching pens.

My love of drawing also lends itself perfectly to my work as a printmaker. Screen printing allows me to transfer the lively drawings often taken directly from my sketchbooks produced whilst on my travels, enabling my prints to maintain this spontaneous line work.

I love travelling to new places and feeling inspired by the energy and buzz of the city. Producing my paintings is a way of me documenting my time spent in these wonderful locations. My passion is for architecture, charming beautiful shop fronts, bustling café scenes and Manhattan Streets lined with yellow NYC taxis.