Meet the maker Robert Hayward

Hi, i served an apprenticeship as a fitter starting in the mid 1960's when we still had a manufacturing industry, we even had two shipyards in the middle of Northwich. Fine machine tools were made in Broadheath, obscure parts of Yorkshire and Glasgow. Alas all gone but it left me with a fascination for tools, engineering tools at first then wood working tools which then led to repairing furniture and on to become an antique furniture dealer, later wandering on to furniture manufacturing which is a complete mug's game summed up by the sage of Halifax ( lad can mek owt bar brass). So now I am making the odd piece of furniture, old habits die hard, repairing furniture and a bit of woodturning, buying and selling and playing with wood lathes. I now have reached the point were they are becoming garden ornaments the count as of the
27/07/10 three Dominion pattern makers lathes, one Wadkin BZL, two graduates one Myford ML8 first proper lathe I had cannot think of parting with it couple of small Records for fannying about, oh and a Kerry AGS 6" metal lathe just in case owt breaks old habits die hard. I am also doing a bit of teaching at the local college I am now a trained teacher a certificate of education at the age of 56 which for a totally politically incorrect spade's a shovel man it was certainly an education. All teachers have action plans mine is simple work full time till I’m 76 work part time till I’m 86 have a sexual experience and bow out you have to look on the bright side. I have just qualified for my bus pass and am now a support worker at Mid Cheshire College. I teach 6 hours per week school kids and neats, stressful business this teaching game, I am also actively involved with the Cheshire guild of wood turners promoting woodturning.

Remember If the only tool in your toolkit is a hammer every problem will start to look like a nail.

Bob Hayward