Meet the maker Ann Heffer

Welcome to my world. I live in Cornwall, have a fabulous life here with my husband and lucky black cat. I go out to work, but still find time to make my cards for family, friends and for my Folksy shop.
In 2004 I started making homemade cards, experimenting with different card, ribbons, rhinestone gems and anything else I laid my hands on. I also began recycling greeting cards to give new life to them.
In 2011 Christmas was approaching fast and I wanted to send family painted cards. I sketched, in my mind, the perfect Angels. They had wings, hats, scarves, long arms and legs, unusually large shoes and boots. So it all began there, Annabelles World. I love my Angels, to me they are just the best. I didn't realise just how popular my cards were until I had the best ever compliments from recipients. I put a lot of love and time into each card, some have the added touch of glitter, rhinestone gems and silver glaze. Not all of my cards are Angel designs, I have a love for animals, boats and much more.
Prints of my designs have additional hand finished touches too of glitter or rhinestone gems.
My cards perhaps are an acquired taste, but in my world I love them all.
I have closed my shop for a while, but will be back again in 2018 with some new and old designs.
I am now back and so will my 'Funky Angels' for the Christmas season once again. They make me smile. Each Angel has their own individual appearance.
I have introduced two new designs 'Blue Angel' and 'Bobby' for 2018 too, again each card is slightly different but perhaps similar in colour and made with beautiful, shimmering watercolours.
'Reinie' Reindeer is new for 2018, she will be in my Folksy shop very soon.