Meet the maker Amber Marie Gristwood

My ethos is to make beautiful, thoughtful and inspiring wearable art pieces that portray personality, uniqueness, individuality and style. I offer original jewellery for the creative minded that desire something that little bit different.

The subject of inspiration behind my work is represented in abstract sculptural form. I reflect on the subject matter and portray or visualise it using abstract resemblance.

Colour and expressive painting techniques are used to capture the mood or essence of the subject. The design is then printed onto leather before it is transformed into geometric shapes and formed into hand crafted jewellery pieces.

Artists that inspire my work: Sonia Delaunay, Alexander Calder, Lucienne Day, Alexander Girard and David Hockney.

Creativity is my passion and my mission is to make products that surprise excite, inspire and innovate.

My love for colour, print and pattern led me to train in printed textiles and I worked in this field in London and New York. Inspired by new technology I diverted to graphic design. I also worked as a jewellery designer, this is where my passion for making products really started to evolve. I combined printing methods and a variety of media to create my own diverse range of unique and eye catching product ranges.

Driven by a mindful of ideas and a desire to work creatively and commercially I set up my own business "Amber Marie" in 2005 followed by notonthehighstreet in 2007. My work comes from the heart and I hope that my brand will continue to evolve in colourful ways as I strive to delight my customers with innovative handmade jewellery products.