Meet the maker Nancy Pritchard

I'm Nancy and I was made in the 'Backbone of England': the South Pennines of West Yorkshire, where Cotton was King and history is ancient. I now live, with my wonderful family, in the 'Heart of England': Staffordshire - a beautiful county, home to Lichfield Cathedral, the Staffordshire Hoard and the capital of the ancient kingdom of Murcia.

Is it any wonder I grew up believing in Magic? As I've grown in years I have learned there are many kinds of Magic: movie magic, book magic, but my favourite is Everyday Magic, the little things that make ordinary everyday life worth living. These days I also weave a little magic with my wire and beads. Copper is my favourite: it speaks to me of the earth and growing things, but I also use magical moonlight silver.

If you search carefully through my shop, you will find little pieces of magic within each of my handmade pieces. It's not hard to see where the inspiration for them comes from, and, if you have been inspired to learn a bit more of what I do, there are easy to follow tutorials for you to weave your own little bit of magic.

Learn more about me, my craft and my everyday magic at

Magic and sparkles

Nancy x