Meet the maker Anna Yevtukh-Squire

I've been studied art and bookbinding for over 17 years and has been making unusual creative books since 1998. Being creative is not a hobby it is a way of life for me.
I believe a book should not merely be perceived as a means from which to read or write within. My books are objects of art, designed from considerable thought, created from passion, eluding energy, and constructed to the highest quality.
Each book is starting life as a mere spontaneous idea. I like to experiment with different materials and put them in a new and unexpected context. I devote considerable attention to my books' aesthetic qualities.
I believe that computers will never replace real books; that machine will never replace a man; that nothing will replace face-to-face conversation.
I am a member of the Society of Bookbinders, Designer Bookbinders and the local Guild of Designer Craftsmen.
I conduct many bookbinding workshops across the UK and my work represented in numerous private collections worldwide.
I am always open to consider any commission proposal.