The Honeybee and the Hare

Deborah Sheehy

“Artwork by Deborah Sheehy”

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About The Honeybee and the Hare

The Honeybee and the Hare

Creatures of various furs and feathers, in pencil and paint, on paper and canvas...

My earliest memories are woven through with stories old and new and a deep love of animals and birds of all furs and feathers. These threads have knotted ever more tightly through my adult life and, as such, my artwork is a collection of creatures and tales created mostly with paint and pencil.

Hares in particular are a source of great inspiration for me and can often be found bounding across my canvas; their unspoiled wildness thrums a song that sets my paintbrushes and pencils to dancing.

I love to hide away in my studio in my home on the Isle of Bute and lose myself in a swirl of painting, drawing, reading, thinking and dreaming. When I do emerge it’s to go on long woodland walks and enjoy the wild beauty of nature.