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Caroline Taylor

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“As with all beauty comes a subtle darkness and my angels will always have dirty faces.”

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The Doll Maker

The Doll Maker, Caroline Taylor.

I am a self taught doll maker and each doll is lovingly hand sculpted and stitched using Polymer clay and vintage fabrics. The faces are created with pencil and watercolours, the hair is mohair. Each doll is unique and is made to reflect personality and tell his or her little story.

Being a bit of a magpie and for many years gathering interesting collectables, vintage fabrics, lace, buttons, driftwood and many other items that catch my eye along came my strangely beautiful dolls.

The dolls are all individual pieces of art. They are developed from the depths of my imagination or I am inspired by interesting people that come my way. I find much of my creativity from old fairy tales, children’s book illustrators, film and all that is a bit quirky.

I love all the different aspects of being a doll maker from the design to the sculpting. A favourite part of the process is costume making and painting their faces; this is when the doll starts to really come alive.