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“Matching adult and child aprons, Artisan and Japanese Style aprons.”

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The Sewing Nook UK

Handmade fun, modern adult and mini me aprons.

I live in a Victorian house in Sussex,England in a small seaside town with my husband,two teenage children and my black cat.
Here you will find mainly aprons, because I love to cook and bake and because I couldn't find any aprons I liked in my price range I decided to make and design my own. Most of my aprons come in adult and mini me sizes. All my aprons are made from good quality fabrics and the straps and ties are all handmade from the same fabric as the aprons for a high end look.
I have sewn for many years and have taught my daughter to sew. I have, in the past sold my aprons in a local craft shop for a few years, have sold on Etsy for the past 2 years and now on Folksy since May 2017.
Thank you for taking the time to have a read, Tabitha.