Minerals Rock Studio

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Minerals Rock Studio
Minerals Rock Studio

Stacie Joslin

  • United Kingdom

“Creative Sterling Silver and Gemstone Jewellery”

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Minerals Rock Studio

Creatively curious jewellery imagined, handmade and delivered

Each of my pieces are planned, sketched and then handmade from my home studio in Southampton on the sunny south coast.

I have a creative background rooted in graphic design, which probably results in my need to balance each piece and make it perfect! My style influences vary from minimalist Scandanavian design to Navajo turquoise pieces with all the embellishments that come along with them.

I enjoy making necklaces, rings, earrings and bangles, mostly from Sterling Silver and occasionally incorporating brass or copper. I love working with semi-precious stones as well as texturing metal to create interesting unique jewellery. The hardest part is not keeping all the pieces I make! It's so fulfilling to see others wearing pieces that have been imagined, made and shipped across the country or other side of the world!

I'm happy to take on custom pieces or modifications of items you see here if it's possible, just drop me a message.