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“Weaving Artistry in Wire. OPEN AGAIN 2/1/18”

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About Spiral Fountain Jewellery

Spiral Fountain Jewellery

Twizzling wire into something unique, quirky, artistic and beautiful is what I love to do

I started making jewellery in 2009 when my life was at a very stressful point I found that creating things was really therapeutic and loved the feeling of turning bits of wire into something pretty. I started selling simply so that I could make more! I then discovered the delight of interacting with customers, especially when making something bespoke for someone. So even though I do not yet rely on this for a living, I still continue because I simply love what I do.
Living in Cumbria I have a real love of the outdoors, nature and animals. I am also very interested in anglo-saxon/medieval times, hence my love of chainmail! Water, animals and flowers also feature large in my shop in response to the wonderful beauty surrounding me here in Cumbria..

That is is my lovely trailhound in the picture..what can I say..she is much better looking than me! I also share my house with my 2 kids, the cat and my partner who is a sculptor/artist.