Beltane Gifts

Ruth McCluskey

  • United Kingdom

“Handmade gifts and kits”

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About Beltane Gifts

Beltane Gifts

Crafting the natural and fantastical

I've been crafting for as long as I can remember and I'm a strong believer in using art and crafts as part of your self care. It's one of the things that bring joy to my life (that and my fur babies). Over the years I've tried lots of different crafts from painting to jewellery making, glass fusing to giant knitting and crochet, and now, needle felting. I've sold at craft fairs and markets and now have my own shop in Nuneaton, UK. Since Covid 19 I've had to make some changes and have ended up going back to my painting as a way to relax. There's nothing quite like getting lost in painting to get you out of your own head! And because the whole world has gone digital I thought why not video myself painting? So now all of my new paintings are available to view on Youtube under "The Crafting Chez" (in fast forward because even I'd get bored watching 7 hours of painting).
The shop name, Beltane Gifts, comes from the Celtic spring festival marking the beginning of Summer. Beltane is a time of creation, a time to bring your ideas, hopes and dreams into reality.