Ruby and the Foxes

Sarah Holmes

“Artist from Yorkshire, now living in Surrey, designing Knitted Pet Portraits & Other Animals!”

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About Ruby and the Foxes

Ruby and the Foxes

I love designing fun and colourful pictures that can be knitted!

Growing up on a farm in North Yorkshire I developed a huge love of animals and nature, and I still love nothing more than heading out and exploring with my best bud Ruby in the countryside of Surrey where I now live, so these have always been a natural source of inspiration for me.  This along with Ruby's uncanny resemblance to a fox (according to nearly everyone we meet when we're out on a walk!) 'Ruby and the Foxes' seemed like the perfect name (and I like how it sounds as though she has her own rock band!).

I love designing picture patterns of animals and nature, and I especially love seeing the results when someone has knitted one of my designs! If you'd like to see what I'm working on at the moment (or what adventures Ruby and I are up to!) then please follow me on Instagram @rubyandthefoxes