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I create unique handmade quality textile items

Hi, thank you for visiting my Folksy shop.
Firstly the name derives from two beloved cats called Rags and Muffin, (Rags was the scruffiest bundle of raggedy fur and Muffin the sweetest little thing ever) oh!, and 'Stuff' because that's what I make.
You'll notice my shop sells a variety of goodies - I'm a crafter and possibly because I'm also Gemini, I like variety in my life.
I have the sensible half which creates the aprons and coin purses and then the "oh what shall I make today?" half which likes to experiment with different textiles and techniques.
I have a City and Guilds certificate in Creative Embroidery but mostly I'm self taught.
I really hope you enjoy browsing and you'll be delighted with any purchases you make.
I'm new to this so any feedback would be most welcome.