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“From amazing animals to fantastic flora - celebrate wildlife with surprise boxes, zines & accessories ”

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About pretty awesome wildlife club

pretty awesome wildlife club

wildlife is pretty awesome ...

Hooray for Wildlife !

The Club has been created by Sally from 'Sally and the Freckles' and Nicky from 'The Catkin Boutique'. We met through Folksy and both share a love for the weird & wonderful world of animals and have a passion for creating.

We think that all wildlife is Pretty Awesome - from the teeniest and tiniest of insects to enormous mammals that swim the oceans.

Every one of them is important, amazing and special.

Our Club has been started to celebrate these amazing, beautiful, strange, clever, precious, odd, scary and sometimes very cute creatures that share our world.

Look out for :
-wildlife-themed surprise Club boxes
-wildlife zines
-club merchandise and exclusive products

Catkin Nicky & Sally Freckles