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“Gorgeous Little Things, Darling!”

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About Painterswife


I am a maker of art dolls and puppets, and a mixed media artist. You can find my blog at

I live in Hastings, in a house which overlooks the sea, with my partner (another artist), my mother and our cats. I am inspired by things that have aged, not necessarily antiques, but things which show signs of wear and of having been loved. I am obsessed by dolls and puppets, and anything which has a human (or nearly human) face. I make my dolls from my own mix of plaster, based on a recipe from the renaissance, or from clay, or paperclay (again, my own recipe). They look delicate, but are quite reslient. They each have a name, a character and a story, and all are based on the dolls I found on a visit to a castle in which a friend was living. The mixed media paintings and cards I make are inspired by the dolls.