Oma Okolo

  • United Kingdom

“Creativity inspired by the spontaneity of scribble.”

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About designwithflair


Creating artwork inspired by the spontaneity of scribble

I am most definitely a ‘scribbler’...I love ‘words’...I find fonts and letter forms intriguing. I’ve been scribbling as long as I can remember...poetry, short stories, lists, [and the list goes on...;)] Studying Book Art at UAL was just a natural ‘progression’.
My day job...well...I work ‘round the clock’...being a Mum, blogging, painting, working in the Art department of a secondary school, running a business, dreaming up new ideas (whilst ‘sleeping’)...yep, I ‘work’ round the clock!
So...running a business...(apart from the administrative tasks like book keeping) creating artwork keeps me ‘working hard at play’ is so much fun!!! Such ‘crossover’ handmade journals are paintings and my paintings are books.