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About NJC Crafts

NJC Crafts

Bright and beautiful with a function

I have being "potting" for about 20 years since Uni, where I joined the pottery club. Up until last year I had continued potting at my local Adult Education Centre. I was made redundant last year having worked in the Energy sector for 20 years, so I have taken the opportunity to up my passion and try and start a craft business. I bought a small second-hand kiln which works from a 13 amp fuse (3000 watt- same as a kettle but on for longer).
I have had a steep learning curve to increase my knowledge of glazes and firing, as at the Centre these were always provided for the "students".
Out of all the ideas I settled on animal money boxes, throwing two basic body shapes and adding to these to form the animals...dragons, bats, tortoises, sheep, badgers... I have created 6 categories (once I have finished uploaded my designs) Dragons & Dinosaurs, Seaside, African Savannah, Farmyard, British Countryside and Pets. The one exception to the money box theme is hedgehogs, they had to be pencil holders! I will be branching out to more pencil/brush holders as demand has grown...
I love wildlife, and inspiration comes from all around me, my family and going out and about.
I hope you enjoy my creations as much as I do!