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I will be away from the shop Sunday 23rd to Sunday 30th September but want to keep it open so anyone can browse, so if you order anything next week it may be a little late arriving! Thanks Nic

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Bright and beautiful with a function

I have being "potting" for about 20 years since Uni, where I joined the pottery club. Up until last year I had continued potting at my local Adult Education Centre. I was made redundant last year having worked in the Energy sector for 20 years, so I have taken the opportunity to up my passion and try and start a craft business. I bought a small second-hand kiln which works from a 13 amp fuse (3000 watt- same as a kettle but on for longer).
I have had a steep learning curve to increase my knowledge of glazes and firing, as at the Centre these were always provided for the "students".
Out of all the ideas I settled on animal money boxes, throwing two basic body shapes and adding to these to form the animals...dragons, bats, tortoises, sheep, badgers... I have created 6 categories (once I have finished uploaded my designs) Dragons & Dinosaurs, Seaside, African Savannah, Farmyard, British Countryside and Pets. The one exception to the money box theme is hedgehogs, they had to be pencil holders! I will be branching out to more pencil/brush holders as demand has grown...
I love wildlife, and inspiration comes from all around me, my family and going out and about.
I hope you enjoy my creations as much as I do!