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Naomi Craig

  • United Kingdom

“Barge Art Fabulous”

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bright beautiful fun and funky creations for home and soul

Everything in life inspires four year old daughter... the birds singing in the morning....a kind smile from a stranger.
All I know is my life is full blown colourful ....when I'm not painting or making my creations, I feel low and sad....creativity is my are Angels xxxxx
My daughter is home educated and we spend the days together painting, making and laughing. We walk our dogs on the beautiful South Devon coast line and know how blessed we really are. I love Angels and all the beauty of the world. I am vegan and love all creatures big and small. I hope I can help to make people smile in his world where we are bombarded with such negativity and suffering xxx we are all here to help each other and to see the very best in each raise each other up the girl who walks round and smiles at total is a blessing xxxx nice to meet you xxxxx I studied art and textiles at school.....but the things I make are self taught xxxx have a gorgeous day xxxxx