More Tea Soaperie

Julie Joyce

  • United Kingdom

“Small batch, lovingly handcrafted goats milk and silk soap "Lovelies".”

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About More Tea Soaperie

More Tea Soaperie

Opulent, natural, gentle, palm oil free, detergent, paraben, SLS free sumptuous and gentle goats milk and silk soap "Lovelies".

Hi, I am a soap making obsessed and have found a totally compelling and inspiring medium through which I can prove creative and quirky.
I found soapmaking a few years ago and really it has provided an arena of creativity I really did not realise I possessed.
I received a cold process soap making workshop day as a Christmas present and since have not looked back. Upon entering the workshop with all its jars of beautiful botanicals, natural colourants and exquisite essential oils I have been hooked. I revel in the joy of creating beautiful, gentle, creamy and opulent soap "works of art". The "Lovelies" are handcrafted using the finest plant oils and butters, ethically sourced silk fibres and the creamiest goats milk. I will not use palm oil in my traditionally handcrafted "Lovelies" nor will I use detergents, parabens, micro beads or SLS in my creations. They are never tested on animals, only on my friends and family.
I truly am inspired by everything around me and keep notebooks with me to jot down ideas and designs.
I believe the devil is in the detail and am particular about packaging, I have bespoke handbag boxes to house each "Lovely".
My craft lifts my heart and brings me joy and hopefully will make you smile.