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“Beautiful embroidery from the heart of the Pennines”

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About Kate Philbin Textile Art

Kate Philbin Textile Art

Creating embroidered gifts for wildlife lovers

I'm inspired by nature and folklore and my designs evolve intuitively as my ideas grow and flourish. I know my customers love wildlife too so for every purchase over £40 I make a donation to the RSPB on your behalf by buying you one of their iconic pin badges. In this way you get an extra gift and the RSPB continue to give nature a home. I used salvaged textiles where appropriate in my work and always try where possible to use environmentally friendly packaging.

I'm happiest when I'm at home in my studio, surrounded by coloured fabric and threads, making something unusual and beautiful, for a special type of person. If you need a gift that is unusual and beautiful, as well as ethical, you’re in the right place!