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Not That Kate

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About Not That Kate

Not That Kate

I make things


I'm Kate, which is a very common name, so much so that when I was younger, I worked in a small shop with only a few staff and my boss was also named Kate and it would get confusing. So I became "not that Kate" (aka "the other Kate").

I make lots of different things because I am like a craft magpie. I am drawn to shiny new ideas and I have heaps of them. I love learning new skills and techniques, I also love doing things really thoughtfully.

I have been sewing since childhood and I teach sewing lessons, I've designed cross stitch and embroidery patterns, I quilt (with a preference for upcycling fabric), I recently learned how to weave rugs, I learned crochet after a back injury in 2017, I don't love knitting or beading, but can do them in a pinch.

I'm married to a very creative bearded man and we have two wonderful teenagers. We met way back in January, 2000! In 2004 we got married, had babies in 2005 & 2008, and immigrated to the UK from Canada in 2010. We came for a 2 year stint and decided to stick around. I'm not going to lie - it's been a wild decade over here.

We live in lovely Southend-on-Sea, home to the world's longest pleasure pier and Adventure Island. We have two dogs, Donut and Pugsley, my youngest has two rats (Remy and Ranch) and a giant African land snail (Cabbage). We grow potatoes and garlic and tomatoes outside and are filling our house with plants (including mushrooms!)

Since March we have all been here at home. The teens were already being home educated and my husband began working his corporate job from home. I've been making masks for friends and family and friends of family and family of friends since late March. This Folksy shop is the result of my needing a better way to list available fabric options and streamline ordering - before this, I was doing it all analogue - ideally, this will now free up some more time for me to be making things!

10% or more of all sales are donated to local charities or other worthy causes (past donations made to bail funds, BLM, BLMUK, One Love Soup Kitchen, mutual aid, and others).

If you are a worker or carer in need of great masks for a discounted price, or if you want to buy some for a worker or carer, please get in touch - I am sure we can work something out.

Lots of love,

Kate (not that kate)